Dec 5, 2011

He's home!

He's home!

It's hard to believe Will has been home for over a week.
We picked him up at the airport on the day after Thanksgiving.
It was late at night, and the kids were tired and cranky, but we anxiously waited for him.

My friend, Jamie, was also waiting for her husband.

Maci didn't really understand what was going on, but once she saw Daddy she wouldn't leave his arms.

We have been having a great time as a family the last week.
Finding our new normal.

Saturday was Hunter's last day of "Ready, Set, Run"

He finished it off by running the 5K "Reindeer Run" in downtown Charleston.
He has spent the last 12 weeks training for it;
although I wouldn't really call sprinting for 20 feet and then walking a quarter mile training.
Despite a great coach...his running group didn't quite get it.

On the day of the run, Will and I decided that Will would "run" with Hunter, and I would take the stroller with Austin and Maci and run ahead.
We were both very surprised at how good Hunter did on the run.
He RAN the whole 5K and came in just a few minutes behind me and the kids.
He is very relieved running is over.
So am I!!!

We were very under dressed for the reindeer run.
Some people really go all out.

Christmas is just around the corner.
It doesn't seem like it's been a year since we moved to Charleston!

Last weekend we got the tree up and decorated and all of our Christmas decorations up.
The kids are getting excited for Christmas!

Will got our Christmas lights up.
I told Will that Maci loves thing I know Will went down the street to Lowes and gotMaci a blow up Santa...
and put it on our roof.
Will has turned into the biggest softy since we had Maci.
For the record, he swore that would never happen.
When it got dark Will turned the lights on to show the kids.

The kids favorite holiday snack while decorating.
Sparkling cider and egg nog.

Right now, we are currently staying at an ocean front condo thanks to Operation R&R!!!
We are having a blast and I absolutely LOVE waking up to see and hear the ocean out the window.
We woke up this morning and we to get seashells on the beach.

Austin is still writing his name all over.

Maci has been copying EVERYTHING her brothers do.

Hunter's favorite thing to do at the condo.

Austin stuck his head in front of my camera while I was taking pictures of the beach.
This kid is so awesome.

Walking hand in hand with Will and watching our kids run around on the beach made everything feel a little normal again.

We are SO happy to have Will home!

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