Dec 19, 2011

The training wheels come off

Austin needs a new bike.
His wheels are bald, the chain keeps coming off, and it's just plain too small for the kid.

We are Santa is planning on bringing a new bike for him;
so a few days after Will got home from Kuwait they went outside with Austin to take off his training wheels
and practice riding without them.
My thinking is that it's easier to learn on a smaller bike,
so he better practice before Santa brings him a bigger one.

Low and behold Austin took off the first time Will tried.

He was a little wobbly at first, but 3 weeks into practicing he is a pro.

He can pop wheelies

"Speed super fast!"

And he can almost start on his own.

Poor kid just needs a bigger bike now.

6 days till Christmas!
All my shopping is done
I got my Christmas cards out today
Will is home
Papa Bill is visiting

It's a good year, but I do wish we lived closer to family...especially this time of year!

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