Jan 4, 2011


Charleston is AWESOME! We love it so far. It is different than we imaged, but is really cool. There is so much history here and the houses and buildings are awesome. We are looking forward to learning and seeing a lot!
Some of the things I have learned here so far...
- The Civil War and the American Revolutionary war both started here.
- They use pine needles for bark around trees and bushes
- People here jokingly call the mosquito the state bird. (ahh!)
- A week ago it snowed here. It doesn't snow often. I hadn't seen snow in 4 years.
- Spanish moss grows on most of the trees out here. It is so pretty, it's my favorite part.
- They still separate things by plantations and there are some plantations that have been preserved.
- The bridges here are AWESOME.
- When Will drives (or anyone for that matter), I'm just sure he is going to loose control and make us flip over the side of the bridge. That's why I drive :)
- None of the walls in houses have texture on them. I don't like it.
- The porches are screened in so the mosquitoes don't get you.
- Wills commander is LDS. There is only one other LDS Security Forces commander in the Air Force.

We don't have our HHG (house hold goods, for all you non-military) but hopefully we can get out of TLF soon! That's temporary living facility. I might have to do a whole blog on military acronyms :))

Here are some pictures I took of our trip down to Charleston and of Charleston.

We stopped by New Orleans on our drive to South Carolina. It was awesome and we wish we could have spent more time there. We walked around the French Quarters and went to a Hurricane Katrina museum. Louisiana was beautiful to drive though. Most of the roads were raised since it has a lot of wet land.

Spanish Moss and bridge
(pictures courtesy of google)

This picture doesn't really do it justice, but it is really pretty (and scary ;) to drive over.

Those look like rocks but they are oyster shells




cracking open an oyster

It was chilly and foggy the day we stopped by the beach. In the distance you can see a sail boat.

Pretty beaches

Kiddos and Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we drove though a festival of lights. There were over a million lights on different displays. You can see the Spanish moss on this one too.

Messy hair, juice mustaches, and Christmas p.j.'s
Someone please tell me what to do with Maci's hair!!!

Christmas Day



Someone has Daddy wrapped around her finger

can you tell?

The kids had a great Christmas, got too many presents, and ate too much candy. I'm just enjoying these little stinkers!


Lisa said...

I'm glad you got there okay and that everything is going well! And I loved the pictures. I'd like to go to New Orleans someday.

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