Nov 22, 2011

random things I never had time to blog

This is all just random.
Some of it is from several months ago, and I never got a chance to blog it.

Every once in a while I see pine trees planted in lines.
I'm really not sure why, but someone told me they planted a ton of trees after Hurricane Hugo devastated Charleston.

I don't see this as often as I thought I would here.
Once you get closer to the beach you see a lot more palm trees
(or as residence call them, palmetto trees.)

A few weeks ago I was able to be my friends escort in the Atlanta temple.
I haven't seen Nikki since we lived in Minot 5 or 6 years ago!
It was the most amazing experience ever. She wasn't an
LDS member when I knew her in Minot, and it was amazing seeing her go through the temple. It was so good to see her and her daughters, and also meet her husband and son.

Last week I went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.
It was SO fun to go and I was so grateful my friends son Brach was able to watch my kids while I went.

Maci loves going to pick Austin up from preschool because she gets 15 minutes of playtime.
That blur is her.
Stupid camera phone

We watched my friend Chelsea's dog Midget. The kids loved having a dog around the house.
We took Midget on a walk everyday.

This is Austin showing me how Midget lifts his leg to pee.

Maci getting herself a snack

This is what happens when I grocery shop with Austin.
These are all things I had no idea I bought


Melanie said...

You cut your hair! It looks so cute. What's new though. You always do!

Jen and Allen said...

Well at least he got a few healthy things. Stinker