Nov 12, 2011


Maci has an...unmistakable personality.
People comment on her personality all the time

a Spitfire.

Maci is very set in her ways, and she will wait (or throw a fit) until she gets it.

She must take her blankie ("BB")



If I go drop Hunter off at school, or even run to the store to get milk, we MUST have the blankie.
Otherwise people look at me funny because my child is screaming inconsolably,
rolling on the ground at Walmart.

She has always liked her blankie, and not just any blankie...this ONE.
This WHITE one. Why white!
She has always smelled her blankie under her nose.

She does love putting her blankie in the washer (almost everyday might i add!)
so that it smells good.
(just because I said she likes to put it in doesn't mean she is okay with not having it for a whole hour)

In an effort to curve the blankie habit I am trying something that was suggested to me by a total stranger.
Cut the blanket in half, wait a month or so and cut it in half again.
Continue this until the blanket is so small it will have no meaning to her.

So...I cut it in half.

She hardly noticed.
She does realize now there are two blankies, but doesn't insist on having both with her.
(score, now I don't have to chase all over the house looking for ONE blanket)

I'm not sure if I want to cut in half again though. I'm too scared it will backfire.
Maybe I'll wait a while.

She loves playing games
and getting attention from them

She loves watching her brothers ride bikes out the window

She doesn't like when I take pictures of her.
She just stares at me like I'm dumb.

I got lucky

this isn't what it looks like.
I wish.

But it might not be too far away.
Maci tells me every time she has to go poo.
We sit on the toilet about 20 times a day.
But she never goes.
Well she does...just right after I put her diaper on.

I can almost taste it.
A diaper-free house.
Gross..that came out wrong. But you know what I mean.

And this is what Maci does when I ask her to smile


Maci LOVES brushing her teeth.
She would brush 20x a day if I let her.
Maybe I should??

I promise Maci doesn't stay in pajamas all the time.

Maci is in a "big girl bed" and she loves it!
She was very easy to transition


Jen and Allen said...

I have heard of the blanket cutting thing before... keep one in the car then its just there when you go places. Save all the peaces and you can sew it back together for her for when she is older... or just toss it. Hydee has 3 blankets but doesnt care about the blanket part its the tag that go on them. Good luck with the potty training we are about to have 2 in diapers if Hydee doesnt start to tell me all the time.

Leslie Cosgriff McKinney said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Yours is beautiful...the photos and subject matter both! I am really excited to have Hunter in my primary class in January!