Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Halloween is my favorite holiday.
My kids get so excited for it, and I love decorating and baking for it.
This year was even better because my sister, Melanie, came to visit us!!!

This year Hunter and Austin were Lego men (which got tons of kudos!)
Hunter told me he wanted to go buy a costume this year, which made me kind of sad.
I love making their costumes, and I always think they turn out cuter.
I convinced him to let me make it this year, and maybe next year we can buy one.
He was a little disappointed, but when the Lego costume started coming together he said to me,
"Mom, I always want to buy a costume, but then I see the ones you make and just think they are so cool!"

Maci was a ladybug.
At first we had a hard time keeping everything on her, but once she realized


She was more than happy to wear it.

We've been baking a lot of sweets...
and eating them.


A few days ago, Melanie and I were able to go see Hunter get an award for straight A's.
There were several kids who received an A/B Honor Roll award, but Hunter was one of the few who received A Honor Roll.
Words can't explain how proud Will and I are of him.
Every Wednesday we get to show Dad on Skype all of Hunter's school work from the previous week.
He's always surprised (but obviously happy) to see all the good grades.

If you noticed Hunter's face looks a little red, it's because it is.
I stood up and yelled "That's my son!" (Just like my mom did for us)
I was warned later that day to never do that again.
By both Will and Hunter.


Jen and Allen said...

Oh so very cool costumes. Halloween is my least favorite I have a hard time with all the kids that want to be scarry dead things. Im glad you are able to make it fun for them.

Liz Ann said...

Yes, your costumes turned out so cute. I love your bats that you put up on your walls. They are awesome.

BTW...Those little mini cupcakes, I thought that you bought those and brought them to the trunk r treat. Come to find out you made those too. They looked so professional. Way to go on your baking skills

Melanie said...

So cute! I miss the kiddos already!! And you too!!!!!! (too desperate?) Haha. Thanks for letting me come visit.