Oct 24, 2011

All about Austin

Soccer is over and Austin did very well.
He had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year.

Maci's always sneaking the team snacks

Two weeks ago I went the a pumpkin patch with some friends.
We were having a great time.

There was a lot to do including feeding the goats

They climb up steps, and you pulley up some food for them in that metal cup.

Unfortunately, one of the pulleys broke, and a cup fell down and hit Austin in the head.
It was pretty terrifying for him.
Thank goodness to good friends for taking Maci and Hunter
so I could ride in the ambulance with Austin.
Another good friend, Chelsea, came to the hospital to help.
Thank goodness because Austin wouldn't let anyone look at his head, let alone touch it.
We had to hold him down.
It took 3 adults.
He got 3 staples, a fireman hat, and a Popsicle.
And then on the way home, ice cream.

(further down are pictures of the gash..just warning you.
It really isn't too bad.)

Netflix on Chelsea's phone kept Austin occupied (I really need one of those things!)

He got his staples out last week. I think my weeks worth of "braving" him up for it helped because he (for the most part) let the Dr. take the staples right out.


Jen and Allen said...

wow That is not what I expected to here from a pumpkin patch trip.

patrioticrunner said...

Poor guy! Did the farm at least give Austin a free pumpkin?!