Sep 7, 2011

Let the fun begin!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have a lot coming up.
Well it's all here.

Today was Austin's first soccer practice.
He is in Start Smart soccer, which is a parent involvement, learning sport.
Yes, that's right.

I have to play with him.

I've been nervous about how I'm going to manage it.
This is how I saw it all happening in my head.
Austin whining the whole time.
(because, to tell you the truth...he wasn't excited about soccer...thanks to his hero, and big brother saying that soccer isn't cool)
Maci pulling on my leg
(because what else am I good for right?)
Hunter in the background telling me he's hungry, asking if it's time to leave.
(I'm pretty sure all my kids think about is when their next snack is)
Me, drenched in sweat from the heat.
(stupid humidity)

Me sweating+Maci+Hunter+Austin+trying to kick a ball=
Why the crap am I doing this again?

I was pleasantly surprised when the opposite happened.
The weather was perfect. Hunter played with another boy the whole time. Maci sat in her stroller the whole time, while another little girl talked to her.
Austin loves soccer, and he's really good at it!
It was actually enjoyable.

I'll just skip the part where I didn't have time to fix dinner so we stopped off at McDonald's

Hunter starts Ready, Set, Run tomorrow.
For the next 12 weeks he will be training for the 5k reindeer run.
They are going to be talking about heath, going on hikes throughout the base, and doing other fun things to get ready for their run.
In December, he gets to dress like a reindeer and do his 5k run downtown.
He is really excited about it.

Hunter also starts piano in a few days.
He has been "practicing" already.

Hunter is going to be busy with school, scouts, piano, and Ready, Set, Run, but I think it will make the last few months of this deployment go quickly for him.


will said...

Babe, you do an amazing job at this blog! I think that the home sickness really hit after seeing this one. I have been waiting to see Austin do sports for a long time. I wish I could be there for it. Thank you for updating this blog so well; it's one of the things that really keeps me going!!!

Liz Ann said...

Hahah. I found your blog. BTW You take such awesome photos. I'm going to need you to take some family shots for us for christmas cards