Aug 17, 2011

"Halfway" & first day of third grade

Today is our "halfway" mark for this deployment!
The reason for the quotes?
The military is notorious for extending deployments.
All of us military wives know it, and we live with it.
Hopefully he will be back before Thanksgiving,
but he should definitely be back before Christmas.
(unless of course something changes.
Ok, so the military has trained me to not believe ANYTHING until it is over, so there)
I have to say its been nice having half the amount of laundry. You wouldn't believe the clothes Will goes through in a day. PT clothes (Physical Training), uniform, normal civilian clothes, lounge clothes.
Aye yai yai.
And another thing,
the kids don't mind cereal and mac and cheese for dinner...
enough said.

Those things don't compare to the time Will has missed with the kids, and how much I miss him.
We have definitely had our ups and downs with the first half of this deployment.
Its hard having Will gone, and we miss him very much...can't wait for him to be home.

Hunter started third grade on Monday.
He really loves his teacher, Mrs. Corwin.
It's so nice, it's so quiet, It's amazing what one less kid around the house does.

I don't know what I'm doing to myself, but I've...
signed Austin up for soccer,
signed Hunter up for taekwon-Do,
signed Hunter up for Ready, Set, Run (a running sport on base)
Hunter is also in scouts, and he is about to start piano lessons.
Lets not forget Maci is starting her terrible twos!
Let's hope they, I survive.


Jen and Allen said...

He looks like one cool due. Oh all the girls are going to have crushes on HIM. Hope Will comes home on time for you... I know how that goes.

Melanie said...

He is seriously so grown up. Just one problem, I can't see his backpack. :-)

Abbey said...