Sep 22, 2011


Not much to blog about the last few weeks.

We've been busy though.

Soccer, school, scouts, piano, 2 year old name a few things.

We are having a good time, and September is flying by!

Hunter is doing great in piano, and he is really loving it.
He loves getting up early to get his practicing in.
He can play 4 songs, including the Kung Fu Panda theme song (Thanks Sven!)
I need to get a video of him playing. I'm really so proud of him.

I found this in Hunter's room the other day. Man 8 year olds are busy!

In case you can't read it it says

1st- Phineas and Ferb

2nd-Play outside with Mason

3rd- Play computer

4th- Play DS while chewing gum

5th- Play outside with Mason

6th- Color

7th Play DS

8th Watch TV

9th- read

10th- Color

And the poor kid only got three marked off!

This is our "Kisses from Daddy" Jar

Each day the kids each get a "kiss" from Dad.

At the beginning of the deployment it was all the way at the top.
When the kisses are gone, Daddy will be home!

As of today we are 70% done with this deployment....but who's keeping track??

Maci is really cute with it. Every morning she points to it and says "Dada!"
I give her the candy and then she hugs and kisses Will's picture.

She misses her Daddy SO much.

This is the lake down the street from our house. Will and I got a good laugh at the sign when we moved here
(but then we realized it wasn't so funny)

Never actually seen an alligator here, but we hear stories.

We do see lots of birds, mostly heron, and some turtles.

Austin has been doing great at soccer, but this day he fell down outside at home and it totally affected his game play.
Duh, who can kick with a hurt elbow, right?

Austin is so sweet and always picks me flowers :)

Playing around before soccer practice. They were very giggly

Serious Maci

And last, but definitely not least!





This picture makes them look bad, but seriously..go make these, NOW!

Here's the recipe!



Jen and Allen said...

Those look sooo good!

Gennaveeve said...

Those pancakes look AMAZING! I need the recipe! And can I just say that it takes talent to not just play the DS, but to play it while chewing gum, that's talent! ;-)