Aug 22, 2011

Pretty Girl

Tonight Maci let me paint her nails.
I've painted them before, but had to sit on her to do it.
So fun that she actually wants them painted.

Maci loves socks

The Air Force has a program called Give Parents a Break.
Of course everything in the military is shortened by turning it into an acronym,
so it's called GPB.
Two Saturday's a month I get to drop my kids off at GPB on base at the CDC for 5 hours.
(Sorry another acronym, Child Development Center.)
This is really the only break I get from the kids so you better believe my kids are at every one of these.
Last Saturday, I dropped them off, headed down to Isle of Palms...the closest beach, and
finished my book,
and drank my Diet Pepsi!
It was heaven.
I've been dreaming of doing this since we moved here.
It was so nice to close my eyes for a second without worrying if Austin is going into the ocean too far,
or if Maci's off talking to some stranger again.

After that I went and walked downtown for a bit.
I didn't have much time left, but I walked a few blocks.
Downtown Charleston is amazing.
Everything is old, and so gorgeous.
People who love taking pictures (that would include me) go crazy down here.
Everything you look at, you want to take a picture.

I love it here.


Melanie said...

I can't wait to come see it! It looks beautiful. Glad you got some alone time.

kristen schneider said...

beautiful pictures and gorgeous girl-- thanks for sharing!