Nov 10, 2010

Air Show

Saturday was really fun because we went and watched the air show!
They hold one almost every year, and this is our second time going.
For a few days before the air show we can hear them practicing.
Boy is it loud, but it's kind of fun at the same time.

Hunter is our big helper and loves to push the stroller for us.

Hunter and Austin enjoyed looking at all the planes and helicopters on display.
Austin was particularly funny because he would get in and smile at me while still trying to look around in the plane.

Hunter and Maci in a plane, and some weird guy looking at Austin.

As you can tell we looked at several aircraft. The boys enjoyed each of them so much.
There was a hanger full of things on display including hummers, guns, DFP's, and this mock BMT dorm , all of which we pretty much skipped since there were long lines.
(we figured if we wanted to see them that bad we would just go to work with Will)

A few times the planes scared Maci, so we ended up leaving.
Daddy couldn't stand his little girl being scared.
This picture really doesn't do it justice...
it was pretty sad.

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Lisa said...

Awww, look at that sweet little face! So cute :)