Nov 11, 2010

Salute to Will

Since today is Veteran's Day, it seemed like the perfect day to tell everyone a little bit about Will.
Facts about Will

- Will is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. He is in Security Forces.

-He has been in the Air Force since May 2003 and has been proudly serving his country for 7 1/2 years.

-We have been stationed at two bases, moved three times, and have orders to move to South Carolina in December. This is considered a relatively low number of bases/moves.

- Will has never deployed, but is up for a deployment sometime next year.

- He frequently speaks in acronyms, military time, and the phonetic alphabet...which leaves me translating when people look at us funny.

- He is currently stationed with 343rd Training Squadron. "It is the largest technical training school in the U.S. Air Force. It provides Ground Combat Skills, Police Services, Security and Combat Arms training to accomplish the Air Force's Force Protection mission. The unit trains more than 5,000 active duty, guard, or reserve Security Forces officers and airmen annually."
In "normal person" language, this means that he is an instructor for police in the Air Force. He has done everything from training in classrooms, giving tests, to hand to hand combat training and war type training.

- Will has received multiple awards. From distinguished graduate for Airman Leadership School, to the 343rd Airman of the Year. I'm so proud of him, most people receive 2 or 3 of these awards in their whole career

- He has completed his Bachelors degree, and is now working on his Masters degree.

- Will is a member of the base SWAT team. He has trained with some of the Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Bexar County SWAT teams.

- Will's claim to fame is a newspaper clipping of him hanging on the wall in Applebee's in Minot.

- Will has owned six different types uniforms, all of which come home filthy dirty from training and hard work.

- Will has shot and is certified to shoot the MK-19, M-240B, M-249, M-4, M-203, M-9, M-16, and M-60.

No words can explain the military.
It is definitely a different lifestyle, and some days I straight up HATE it.
But for the most part, it's not so bad.
Nothing can beat a steady paycheck, free medical care, and a chance to live in various places we never would have otherwise.
Will really enjoys the military, but hopes to train out of Security Forces.

Thanks to all the veterans and their families who have sacrificed so we can enjoy the many luxuries we have.

Pictures of Will






Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing such sweet and kind words about Willie! But most of all for giving endless support!! He wouldn't be where he is today, if it wasn't for you!!!

Love, Shelley

Nana S said...

It was fun to read about our son-in law. We are so proud of him! He is a great provider and works hard to keep his family happy. Thanks Will! You guys make a great team!

Nana and Papa

Lisa said...

How amazing! He really has done so much--that's so great. We had good friends who were in the military, and I remember all of the acronyms. They were always translating, too :)

Anonymous said...
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patrioticrunner said...

This is a really beautiful post about your husband. Happy Veterans Day to the both of you. Amen to the military lifestyle, and no, can't beat the medical coverage!