Oct 31, 2010

Halloween at our house

Happy Halloween!
On Friday. we carved our pumpkins which is always a big hit.

Until Austin realized...
"Wait, I have to stick my hand in that thing?!"

He was brave though and did it.
Which is big for him....Austin likes to be clean

Hunter on the other hand....

I never did get a picture of the finished results.
Austin (Dad) carved an alien, and Hunter (Mom) carved a skeleton.

This morning I made crepes (aka rolled-ups) and colored them orange.
Crepes totally remind me of being a kid.

Like I said in my last post, I've been baking a lot.
Bread, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, more bread, pumpkin cake...
So why not something else.
Hunter really wanted to try pumpkin seeds, so I made them.
After he found out you don't crack them (like a sunflower seed) you just eat them...he said, "Nevermind"

Hunter's robot costume actually turned out decent.
I was surprised...
He really liked it (except for the fact he couldn't sit down) and he kept saying,
"Thank you for making this for me Mom!" He is so sweet.

The other kids wore costumes we already had at the house...
What do I look like? Ha, I don't have the patience to make 3 costumes...

Maci made the prettiest Mini Mouse.

Austin was super-cool Buzz Lightyear!
He "flew" from house to house collecting candy.

While we were trick-or-treating Austin took a pretty bad fall, jumped right up and said, "is there any blood?" and kept walking. Good thing Hunter isn't the one who fell, we would have been going home with a screaming kid.

EVERYONE that passed Hunter told him how cool his costume was.
He told me on Saturday after trunk-or-treat (at our church) he doesn't like it when people stare at him!

Hunter even won the trunk-or-treat costume contest!!!

Hunter decided he didn't want to wear his robot legs or feet since the kept falling off the night before.

Well, I need to go "inspect" the candy now.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Lisa said...

Their costumes are totally adorable! I am very, very impressed with the robot costume. That doesn't look homemade at all, and it looks way better than anything you'd buy in a store! If I was that talented I would think about making my kids' costumes... but I'm not :)

Anonymous said...
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