Oct 23, 2010

Game night with Hunter

Catch Phrase: A hand held game in which you try to get your team to guess the clue on the screen, without saying the word, or any part of the word.

Will: "This is something you call someone when they eat a lot. They just eat a ton!"
Hunter: "a diet!"

(Answer: Pig out)

Abbey: "This is something I like to have by my bed every night."
Hunter: "Daddy!"

Answer (a glass of water)

Hunter: "This is a slide with water on it"
Mom and Dad: "A water slide?"

Answer: (A water slide)

Last night was probably the best night I've had in a long time. We decided to play Catch Phrase. We adapted a little and we (Will, Hunter, and I) were all on our own teams. Hunter cracked us up! He is so smart and got a lot of hard ones too.

Hunter: "The meal Jesus had before he died on the cross"
Mom: "The Last Supper"

Will: "It's a place. It starts with a girls name. And the end is another name for the ground"
Hunter: "Maryland"
Mom: "Huh?"

Hunter: "It's in Florida, people go there to have fun."
Will: "Disney World"

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Lisa said...

What a smarty-pants! I'm especially impressed by the Maryland one--I don't think I would've gotten that one.