Oct 18, 2010

Polka Dot Party!!!

So, I hate to admit it...
but I've honestly only thrown two birthday parties.
Three now.
Yes, I'm one of those mean moms...
I decided, since we are moving soon,
and Maci's birthday happened to land on a Saturday,
that I would throw her a party for her FIRST birthday.
I'm so glad I did, because it was really a lot of fun.

Every since Austin (yes, AUSTIN) was born I have wanted to throw a polka dot party.
It's a good thing I had a girl,
because the boy's might not have been too thrilled with that theme.
Everything turned out really cute.
Actually, better than I imagined it would.
That never happens to me.
Remember this cake from Austin's first birthday?
Do those even look like Legos?
Or this one I threw together last minute for Austin's second birthday?
Wow, poor Austin. Has he ever had a decent cake?

See my "fruit dots" & "veggie dots"? We also had "chip dots" & "candy dots"
I know, I'm a dork!
The cake was pink inside, and we served it with pink and orange sherbet.

Birthday Girl in her tutu Sarah made her.

Maci LOVES watermelon!

And paper apparently

My mom coincidentally bought polka dot wrapping paper before she knew the theme of Maci's party.

Maci was really cute because she didn't really want to sit still on the bench,
but the second everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" she just stopped and starred.
She knew something was going on!

"What? You're letting me have cake?"

"I just can't believe my good fortune!"

Miss Priss that Maci is, she mostly just poked at the cake with her finger.

Then licked her finger.

The rest of the gang
This is Austin's bestie.
He's so cute!

The other kids mostly just played and ate outside, which was kinda nice.
The summer's here can be miserable, but the fall and spring make up for it!

The guys playing washers.
Thanks to my friend Sarah for taking most of the pictures...
otherwise we probably would have had about 3 pictures to look at.

Today Maci had her one year check-up.
Poor girl got 6 shots
was poked and prodded
and had blood drawn.
She's a trooper
She is still tracking in the 2nd percentile and is doing great.


Lisa said...

What a cute party idea! I love it! That cake is amazing. And you guys are moving? I didn't know that.

Abbey said...

Thanks :)
Ya, we leave in December. He has orders to move to South Carolina.

Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

You did a great job. The party turned out so cute!