May 8, 2010

Sittin' pretty

We just can't get enough of our little princess. She definitely has us wrapped around her finger.

I have worried a lot since Maci has been born. When she was born she was 6 pounds 9 ounces. When we left the hospital she dropped down to 6 pounds 1 ounce, which was perfectly normal. At her two week appointment she wasn't back to her birth weight which was a small concern. I returned to the doctors 2 two weeks later for a weight check. I can't remember her exact weight. She did pass her birth weight, but was only in the 5th percentile. Several times over the next two months I went in for "weight checks" to see if she was gaining weight properly. Every time she was consistently 5th percentile. "Just small," they said. And I was content with that.
A few weeks ago, at her 6 month well check, she dropped down to the 1st percentile. The doctor didn't seem too incredibly worried, but as a mom, I can't help but worry. I call Maci a "lazy eater"(what can i say? she is our little princess) When she nurses, she just waits for letdown, then stops when it's over. Since she is nursing, and won't take a bottle, it's hard to tell how much she is eating. When she eats baby food, she just sucks it off the spoon, instead of opening her mouth and closing it around the spoon. I explained to the doctor her eating habits, and they referred me to a Speech Pathologist (Speech Pathologist for a baby? yep, they have those) We have seen the Speech Pathologist once so far and she didn't see any red flags for anything majorly wrong. She gave me exercises to do with Maci to help her tongue thrust and to help her take a bottle. She also told me that infants with eating problems often have speech problems. Maci is doing so much better with baby food. She is eating pretty normally. We go back to the Speech Pathologist in a few weeks and I'm excited to she what she says. Maci also hasn't rolled over yet. I really think she can do it, she's just "lazy." (probably thanks to me since I hold her a lot.) I've been working with her a lot and she still won't roll over on her own, she still needs a little help. The doctor also referred me to Early Childhood Intervention, which come to our house next week to evaluate where Maci is at. I'm excited to see what they have to say. She seems to do everything else pretty normally.


The Bergquist Fam said...

Maci is adorable! I'm sorry she has had you worried. ECI is a great thing! The easter seals ECI group evaluated Elly and come work with her once a month and give us things to work on with her, it is very helpful! Good luck!

ACDC said...

I love her! Maci is so so cute! And I wanted to say that I am so glad you have seen an SLP and are doing early intervention! That is what I went to school for and those are free services that are great for any baby! And the earlier the better!!!! Have a very happy mothers day!

patrioticrunner said...

She is just beautiful! You must be so proud. I am sorry to hear of the little hiccups you are having, I am sure that is lots of worry for a Mom, but I hope you can put your faith in God that she is a healthy happy baby girl!

Jen and Allen said...

Oh she is soo cute Abbey. If there is something wrong they will spot it and since they are working with her early. Chances are she can be causht up to her peers if she is behind at all.