Nov 28, 2008


We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did!

This year we had a couple of friends over and it was a lot of fun.

We only had a couple of mishaps. Will convinced me to cook the turkey breast side down for the first couple of hours, then turn it breast side up for the rest of the time. (It's supposed to keep the breasts nice and moist.) NEVER AGAIN! Turning a turkey while it is steaming hot is not easy. I tried to warn him. (Will is reading over my shoulder right now and just said, "I think it turned out pretty good!" Maybe he forgot he burned his hand.) Later, while I was making the potatoes, Will clogged the sink while doing the dishes. He had shoved all the potato skins down the drain. He had to take the pipes apart...that was funny.


Lisa said...

I'm just convinced that you can cook a turkey! I've tried to turn things over when they're hot too--there is a reason why I have so many burns on my arms!

Jeremy and Sherri said...

So fun - I love the pics of Sandra and Jennie!! I so miss all of you!!

The Bergquist Fam said...

looks like you guys had a fun turkey day!

Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

How fun. Sorry we missed the turkey. Just tell Will to keep his bright ideas about cooking to himself ; ).