May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

First and foremost, I SURVIVED THE HIKE!!
We were miserable, hot, sweaty, dehydrated, but we did it. About a mile into the hike I decided to check the girls camp Manuel just to MAKE SURE if we were really supposed to do five miles. Hallelujah! Only 2nd years are required to do a five mile hike, the rest require a three mile hike. We don't have any 2nd years in our ward this year so we really lucked out. I honestly don't think I could have done two more miles. Near the end of the hike we started talking about all the things we missed and are grateful for. Air conditioning, a car, cold water, sunscreen. By the time we got to the car I was drenched in sweat. Really I was. Even though it was hard, it was actually really fun. I got to know the girls better. On the way home we got Icee's and talked about how fun camp will be.

"Happy Mother's Day"

"Mom, I love you because you are nice, play games get ice cream, take me to McDonalds. Love, Hunter"

For Mother's day I got a homemade card from Hunter, some coupons, and an invisible purse (I will be getting myself a real one, since they didn't actually get me one)
Hunter's card was the best part of my day. I love when he makes me things. He is the sweetest boy ever. At church the primary sang, "Mother Dear I Love You So." Hunter only sang some of the song, the rest of the time he was looking at me all shy. That was actually the best part of my day. I cry every time he gets up with the primary. I'm so proud of who he is. Austin cried the whole hour of Relief Society, but I didn't care because all I could think about was that in a couple of weeks I will have a toddler, not a baby. So I enjoyed walking the church halls over and over.

I saved the best for last. All about my mom!

My mom is amazing

she is a wonderful example of motherhood

She is beautiful

She is there as a shoulder for me to cry on whenever I need her

She is absurdly proud of my successes

She took me to countless concerts and sports practices and supported all my interests

She cheered me on in every performance and game

She loves me despite all the billions of times I was (and am) a pain in the butt

She is a woman I will always look up to and admire

She’s my mom, and I love her


Melanie said...

That is so sweet!! Mom will cry when she reads it. Hunter is too cute! All of his drawings are adorable. Can't wait to see you in a few more months! Oh PS...Is Austin really almost one already?!?! Where does the time go?

LeeAnn said...

Abbey, I only wish I were that Mother! You have taught me so much. I love you for the amazing person you are! You have conquered the impossible and I honestly don't know how Dad and I are so lucky to have you all for our children. We love you so much!!!! Thanks for the nice words Abbey. It means more than you will ever know!!!

Four Jedi said...

I am interested to see how you invisible purse turns out!! The card from Hunter was priceless. Good thing you checked the handbook and didn't have to walk 5 miles!! I think it was divine intervetion. Grin.....