May 9, 2008

Finally a moment to blog!

This past week has been pretty hectic for me. I feel like I have been on the go non-stop, so it feels good to sit down for a second. I guess I'll catch you up on the past few weeks.

Last weekend, like I said, was the Father Son outing. On Saturday night I had the privilege, along with my friend Nicole, to throw a baby shower for our friend Sarah. It turned out so cute. I loved our blue and brown polka dot theme.

I've been busy with my callings. I'm the Girls camp director for our ward, and also the visiting teaching coordinator. The girls are making matching pajama pants for camp, and on Wednesday we finished them up. Well, actually they aren't finished. It's really hard to get 10 pair of pajamas sewn in one night. I guess we will work on that one! I can't wait for camp. All the girls seem really excited and since this is my second year doing this, I feel excited too. I have to admit, last year I felt very intimidated. On Saturday we will be going on our five-mile hike. It should be pretty fun in 90+ degree, humid weather. If I don't make it, I'll have my husband post my funeral arrangements.

Last night we had our annual Visiting teaching conference. It turned out really well and we had a pretty decent turn out. I didn't specify on the invitations that is was a visiting teaching conference...was that mean!? Anyways, we had a good turn out, that's all that matters.

All the sisters wore antennas, we had an ant skit about service, a talk from our RS president, then a game, and of course, dessert. I wish I would have brought my camera, because everyone looked so hilarious, I mean cute in their antennas.

Hope everyone is doing well and please pray I don't get eaten alive by all the bugs down here at girls camp this summer. Seriously!


Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

you are such a busy girl. thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy life to give me the baby shower. it turned out soooo cute. i appreciate all that you and nicole did, but you two are still in trouble for giving me a gift on top of all that work you guys did for the shower. you guys are the best.

Four Jedi said...

If I were Catholic I would say a bunch of hail marys and then make the sign of the cross, but since I don't want to get struck by lightning, I will just hope and pray that it all goes well for you on your hike. Just think,bugs don't like me and maybe they will leave you alone. The cupcakes looked so yummy I am craving one now. Keep me posted on Girl's Camp. What a fun idea with the matching pj's. Super cute!! Grin.

Haddorkus said...

Whenever I find out about anyone I know going to Girl's camp I get so jealous. I wanna go! I haven't gone since I was on staff when I was 18. There were a couple years I might have been able to go as an adult and then Dan had some training or some stupid military thing that took him away for the summer.

Have fun, don't get too busy that you forget to blog, I'd miss you too much.

LeeAnn said...

I love your invitations! How do you do it all???

Love you,