May 21, 2008

No more training wheels

Hunter wanted Dad to take off his training wheels last weekend, so he did. He took them off a few months ago too, and Hunter didn't quite catch on. This time Hunter took right off. He is really excited and proud of himself. So am I!

Will made me do this!
It looks like I'm having a lot of fun, but really I'm thinking, "wow, this really hurts!"


Melanie said...

You do look like you are in a little pain. What would you give to be a child again, and not have to worry about that hurting?

Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

nice abbey. that is really funny. yeah for hunter!

Howard/Lamont Family said...

Way to go Hunter!! Good job too Abbey!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, I am so proud of you!!!! I knew you could do it. Oh, you are growing up toooo fast and I am sad I am not able to see all the cool things you can do. I love you Sooooooooooooooo Much! Kiss and Hug Austin for me and have your parents give you a high five for me as well as kisses and Hugs.
Love you Most! NaNa Benson

Four Jedi said...

You both ride that bike like you are pros!!