Mar 27, 2008

Trees in Washington

While I was in Washington I couldn't help but notice the weird, different-looking trees. I'm almost positive this is where Dr. Seuss got a lot of his inspiration! It was beautiful there. The trees were pretty, even thought they were different to me.

this tree grows in an arch, weird huh?

I love this little tree growing out of a log on a pond.

It was green everywhere. I've heard people say that, but it's cool seeing it. The trees didn't have leaves yet, but there is ivy growing up some of the trunks and branches, so it is still green. Moss covers the trees and droops off of them.

Being there made me remember how much our father in heaven loves us, he created this beautiful earth for us.

I'll be posting more about our trip to WA when I have time later.


Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

Okay I lived in Washington and never realized how strange the trees were until this post, but your right, they are pretty strange. How funny. I look forward to pictures for the rest of the trip!

Howard/Lamont Family said...

It is nice to go on vacation somewhere and remember that there ARE beautiful places to live. Not that I don't love my graffiti...

Haddorkus said...

Those are some great Dr. Suess tress. And that green grass. That is so wonderful. Ours is still all yellow and yucky. Only the weeds are green, I can't wait for spring, but its good to know it is happening somewhere.