Mar 5, 2008

Trash anyone???

So, I decided this weekend I will be getting a trash can with a lid. Austin really enjoys eatting paper towel, Hunter's unfinished yogart, and the spaghetti from last night.


Howard/Lamont Family said...

Yeah, sounds like fun for you. I feel your pain. Oh and I love the "Hunter says the darndest things". I may just have to copy YOU!!

Nikki said...

We used to have a beautiful shiny metal trashcan with a foot pedal. Danny's grandmother gave it to us when we went active duty. And then curious kids happened. My kids love to lick shiny things! After a couple episodes of Rotavirus, we got rid of it.

And I too love "Hunter says the darndest things." They are hilarious! My list of Kiddie Kwips got so long that I created a post for them and a link from my main page. So, now I just go into that post to update the Kiddie Kwips.

Haddorkus said...

grossy, grossy.