Feb 28, 2008

Look A Likes?

Look a likes?

At Austin's nine month well baby, the nurse said Austin looks like Jimmy Neutron.

What do you guys think?

Also, for everyone who says Austin looks like Hunter, I'm starting to agree. Hunter has always looked exactly like Will. I was so excited when Austin was born, because he looked like my side of the family. He has changed so much, and he is looking like his brother more everyday. Oh well, I guess there is nothing wrong with looking like my sexy husband :)

Austin- Newborn

Hunter- Newborn

Austin- 9 months old

Hunter- 9 Months old


Howard/Lamont Family said...

Ummm... I can't agree with the nurse. Austin looks NOTHING like Jimmy Neutron. But like I have already said, Hunter looks just like Dennis the Menace.

chris and sarah seymour said...

I have to agree with Nicole. Hunter is so Dennis the Menace, but I don't see Jimmy Neutron in Austin. Maybe it was the hair that day I don't know???? Can we really trust anything those nurses say sometimes?

Jen and Allen said...

Jimmy Neutron huh? Well I dont really see it. So what is your family going to do for Easter?

Haddorkus said...

Jimmy Neutron? That one is so out there.

The boys do have some similarities. It is so cute to see little baby Hunter and see Hunter in there. My kids have all done that, look the same just older.