Feb 24, 2008

Hunter's Birthday!!!

Since anyone can see this, I took out our address and phone number for safety

Yesterday Hunter turned 5. I can hardly believe it. We started the day off by taking him breakfast in bed. He decided the night before that he wanted me to make "rolled-ups" (crepes) so that is what he got!! Then he went down and opened his presents from all our family. He was excited each time he opened one, no matter what it was. Austin got him some underwear and Hunter said, "I can't believe I got underwear...YES!!" Hey, who doesn't need underwear???
He loves all his gifts from everyone. He's been playing with them non-stop. It's actually driving me crazy. ;)

After presents it was time to set up for his party. Hunter has been talking about it for weeks, so he was totally excited. This was his first party, so it made it even more exciting.
Will decorated (I learned I don't know how to hang crepe paper)and I made the cake. I guess it turned out alright. You know when you see something so cute and you try and make it? It never ends up as cute. That's what happened to this cake. But the kids didn't care. It still tasted good.

Once everyone got here we played games like "pin the patch on the Pirate"

A treasure Hunt

and the pinata

Hunter opened his presents, and then we ate cake and icecream.

After the party we went putt-putt golfing since Hunter has been wanting to go for a while. It was everything he hoped it would be. HAHA He won. Will and I are no good ;)

Hunter had a wonderful day, and I think I'll get over the fact that my baby is now 5.


Nikki said...

What a terrific party! That cake looks great. I love the games you did. Very creative! Happy Birthday Hunter.

Howard/Lamont Family said...

That was a very cute party. The kids loved it and still are wearing their eye patches. I love that you wrapped the huge power wheel box. What a good mom.

Jen and Allen said...

Wow Im impressed with your party skills. It looks like they all had a fun time. Cute ideas and you did a good job on the cake. You will have to print off the bog post or write it all down in his journal so that he can see what a cool mom you were to him when he was five. Happy Birth Day Hunter!

LeeAnn said...

Abbey, the cake turned out darling! Wish we could have been there! I've always wanted an eye patch!

Anonymous said...

Wow Abbey, the cake looks adorable. I can't believe you have another amazing talent. The b-day party looked so much fun and I'm sure this is one Hunter will never forget.
NaNa Benson