Feb 18, 2008

I love these boys

I love these two boys. I wish they would stay little. Hunter turns 5 on Saturday (AHH) I feel sick just thinking about it.


Howard/Lamont Family said...

It is so sad when they grow up, I know. It would be nice to press slow motion on life sometimes and enjoy these wonderful years with our kids. It always makes me feel sad for my mom and know that she felt the same way. I guess that is what grandkids are for.

Oh and I love your boys too.

Haddorkus said...

I know how you feel. My baby is turning five soon. It is so shocking. I prayed and prayed for this day and it is here. It is bittersweet.

Happy Birthday.

Jen and Allen said...

They are both getting really handsome though... soon you will have to get them something to keep the girls away. Enjoy the heat and do something outside for me today. (And if you were here I would make you some no bake cookies just so let you know I love ya.)

Nikki said...

How time flies! I can't believe he's almost 5!