Aug 11, 2010

Trip to Washington...Part 2

Strawberries and Blueberries

My mom has strawberries in her garden.
The boys woke up every morning and ran outside to
see if there were any ripe strawberries.
I had to keep reminding Austin to stop picking the green ones.
He would pick one and say, "This one is ready Mom!"

We also went to a blueberry farm.
This was so fun, and very addicting.
We could have stayed all day picking blueberries.

Hunter was so proud of finding the biggest blueberry!

Maci stealing blueberries...

and eating them


Melanie said...

Thanks!! These pictures are soo cute! I love the one of Maci just grabbing the branch.

Anonymous said...
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patrioticrunner said...

Haha how adorable! What part of WA did your parents move to?