Aug 7, 2010

Trip to Washington...Part 1

We had SO much fun in Washington.
It is so beautiful up there and the weather is awesome right now.
The first day we were up there, we decided to go camping.
We were getting a late start so we rushed to get everything
together and get out the door. When we finally got to the
lake/campground, all the camp sites were full. It was getting
late and we were so bummed. We turned around to go get a
motel at the nearest town. Hunter was really bummed and
driving to the hotel he kept saying, "please find a campground,
please find a campground..." We ended up finding a nice little
RV campsite and they were nice enough to let us pitch our
tent for the night. (Hunter was so relieved) We quickly unloaded
everything, made hot dogs, and smores, then hit the sack.
The next morning, we went boating at Yale Lake. I remember
watching Hunter on the tube and looking up and seeing
Mt. Saint Helens. It was absolutely beautiful. Tubing was fun,
I was sore and bruised the next day, but still insisted we go
again a few days later. It was the most fun I've had in a long time.
Will broke (we think) two of his fingers when they got twisted
up in the handle on the tube, but he still had fun. Here are a
few pictures...well actually the only two pictures I got the whole
time we went camping/boating. (opted to leave my camera at the house)


Jen and Allen said...

Ho no I hope his fingers are OK. It looks so pretty I miss the mountains.

Anonymous said...
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