Dec 7, 2010

Home is where the Air Force sends you

Yup, that's why I haven't been blogging lately.
We are moving.
In fact, the packers will be here to pack all of our things next Tuesday!
South Carolina, here we come!
I'm hoping to have time to blog one last time before my poor computer gets packed away for an undetermined amount of time.
We hope everyone is doing well and has a happy and safe holiday season.

Top ten things we will miss about San Antonio
10. Hunter's school.
9. Taking the boys trick or treating in 80 degree weather.
8. The Riverwalk, the Alamo, the missions and other historical sites.
7. Going to SEAWORLD!
6. Our neighbor, Jesus. He is a mechanic and has fixed our cars numerous times.
5. Watching troops march on base. Lackland is a big training base, so we see this everyday.
4. Hearing the national anthem every night. It plays on base every day at 5:00, we live so close we can hear it.
3. My husbands job. I hope he likes his next one as much as he enjoyed being an instructor.
2. Our first house.
1. All of the friends we made here!

Top 10 things we won't miss about San Antonio
10. Humidity+heat (wait SC has that too! dang)
9. Church at 2:30
8. Tire marks on our driveway from the heat (I'll let you know if we have this prob. in SC too:)
7. Fire ants
6. The raccoon that gets into our garbage can every night.
5. HEB (Stands for Here, everything's better. it's the only grocery store here, unless you want to shop at Walmart)
4. Grass that looks like weeds. Ugly foliage.
3. Hearing the taco truck drive by 3x a night & seeing people sell candied apples at busy intersections.
2. I don't have a closet's the first thing I'm looking for in our next house!
1. Finding scorpions in random places through out our house. Kitchen floor, Tupperware cabinet, pillow case, tub, car...just to name a FEW!


Jen and Allen said...

Good luck with the move! So you are going to look for a nother house and not live on base?
Miss ya!

Nana S said...

Good-bye San Antonio. I'll miss visiting you. I have great memories of 2 of my adorable grandchildren being born there and being able to enjoy all of the beautiful things San Antonio has to offer.....except HEB!

Abbey said...

My number one priority is finding a good school for Hunter. If we live on base he would go to a bad school. I would love to live on base again though, but not this time :( We will be renting off base.
I know Mom, I'm going to miss this place!!!

Lisa said...

At least you have people to pack for you :/ But moving is no fun. Have fun in SC! My cousin lives out there. And it cracks me up that you have a store called "Here Everything's Better". *I* think that's even weirder than King Soopers, although King Soopers always makes people giggle.

patrioticrunner said...

What an exciting/sad time for you! I hope S.C is wonderful and you start a great new adventure there. We are about to get restationed too and leave our first house. We are going to Hawaii (can't complain there). Let me know if the movers do a good job for you because they are headed to our house next ha!

Heather & Justin said...

Abbey- After living in Laredo last year we have our list of things we miss and don't miss about Southern Texas, but the one thing we definitely miss is HEB (here our only option is wal-mart)! After coming back North we miss the fresh produce, the selection, the prices! I hope you find a great school for Hunter in SC and that life there is just as good for you as it has been in Texas.