Oct 4, 2010

Because I can...

I can update my blog...in the middle of the day...the house is quiet.
Will took the kids (well Hunter didn't go, but he's in school) to Colorado to visit his family.
Which means I can blog pretty much whenever I want.
Problem is, I don't have many pictures right now :)

A few weeks ago for FHE we talked about what a journal is and the importance of keeping one.
My sister, Brooke, found some school supplies (for way cheap of course) and sent them, so those were perfect for the boys to decorate.
The boys really enjoyed this.
Sorry, Austin spilled a LITTLE water on himself so he HAD to take his clothes off.

Maci is getting so big.
She turns one on the 16th.
I just can't believe it.

My new toy
I really enjoy running, but pushing two kids in a Sit N' Stand is pretty tough.
We sold our Sit N' Stand stroller on Craigslist (for almost as much as we paid for it, Thank. You. Very. Much.)
and got this double jogging stroller.
It's so awesome!


Courtney said...

I'm so jealous!! I need to start running too!! How do you get in the habit when you hate running? haha

Abbey said...

I hated running too a year ago. That's what I thought anyways.
It seriously makes me feel so good. My biggest suggestion, get a friend to go with you. One that will push you. :) Also, I run/workout at the same time everyday and that helps too.