Oct 5, 2010

Angel Baby

Maci is such a good baby...
as long as I'm holding her.
I guess that probably sounds like an oxymoron.
But really, she is so much easier than the boys were, all I have to do is hold her.

Really, I don't hold her all the time.
She's really a good baby.

Ever since Maci was about two months old, she has sucked on her blanket when she is tired.
It's so cute.

This is a familiar scene while I cook diner.
Hunter loves holding and plaing with Maci.
She likes it too.


Jen and Allen said...

Love it Audrey just started to realy play with Hydee this week. It has been fun to watch. She sure is cute and Hunter is sooo big... I miss that 3 year old that would come and make cookies.

The Bergquist Fam said...

I love these pics of Maci! She has such beautiful eyes!

Lisa said...

She is so adorable! Those eyes are GORGEOUS.