Feb 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Hunter turned seven today. Seven? Do I really have a seven year old? In the last year, he has really grown a lot. Yes, he is officially in the dorky stage; losing teeth, showing off for friends, and having his own opinion about everything...but I kinda like it. I can have real conversations with him, and he is a great helper around the house. Hunter has such a sweet personality and he isn't happy unless he is giving to others. (no seriously, if he offers you something you better take it or else he will keep offering until you do take it) He is really growing up and I can't imagine my life without this sweet boy.
Hunter's favorite things at seven:

-Giving to others
-Nintendo DS and PS3
-helping mommy cook
-dancing and listening to music
-teaching his brother
-holding his little sister
-riding his bike

Recent happenings with Hunter

Hunter's Present

Hunter got an iPod Shuffle for his birthday and he has been singing and dancing with it non-stop. Pretty funny really.

Hunter's teeth

Wow, I never blogged about Hunter loosing his first tooth(two at once actually.) I feel bad, I didn't even take a picture. He lost them a few days after I had Maci, so things were a little crazy. To make up for it, here is his third. Mrs. Rodgers, his teacher, told him if he puts his tooth in a cup of water (instead of under his pillow) The tooth fairy will reach in to get it, and when she does the water turns the same color as her dress. Hunter thought that was pretty cool. Her dress was blue that night in case anyone was wondering.

Hunter's hair independence

I have always kept Hunter's hair really short. I just like it better, but recently Hunter has had his own opinion of what he wants his hair to look like. He wants to grow it out. Not sure how long, but it's driving me nuts. I blogged a little about this a few posts ago, but it is still going on strong. The double wave has made a few more appearances and he has also come up with a spike in the back of his head and the top flattened as flat as he can get it (party in back, just plain weird lookin up front?) and other notorious hair styles. I'm just hope people see him and think..."must have done his own hair" and not, "I sure hope that mom doesn't think that looks good"


This is Hunter's first season of basketball and I must say Will and I are pleasantly surprised at how well he is doing. We have tried a few other sports with not much success. I guess he got my clumsiness gene. He always has a good time, so I guess that is all that matters. Hunter's last game is this weekend. He has done great this season and it has been fun to watch him learn more and do better each practice and game. I happened to catch his first basket he made with my camera on my phone...weird coincidence. (he is the one in white shorts)

Maci likes watching Hunter play basketball

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Jen and Allen said...

Oh he isnt the little sun beam who comes to make cookies any more he just looks so grown up. Happy birthday H-man.