Dec 29, 2009

Merry Potty, I mean Christmas...

Merry Christmas everyone. I'm a few days late, but better late than never.

This week we potty trained Austin. He was so easy. On Monday, I had him throw away his diapers, and made it a big deal that he got to wear "big boy" underwear. He went #1 on the toilet A LOT (so much I almost regretted starting the whole potty training charade) by late afternoon he went #2. He had a few accidents the first and second day, but now he is 100% potty trained. YES, even at night. Hey, if you know our family well, you know that's a big fete. Will wet the bed till he was 9, Hunter still wets the bed, and I wet the bed a few times while I was pregnant. It is a great Christmas present to now only have one child in diapers. (**doing a little dance**)
He carries that blanket everywhere, even to the bathroom :/
Austin was so proud of himself when he went "poo poo" He got sewda (soda) and cookies. Yes I bribed him.

On Tuesday morning(the 22nd) I took Maci to the ER. She had been sick for a few days. She woke up not breathing well and she hadn't eaten all night and had no interest in it that morning. When we got there they did a few tests. She had to have a catheter, IV, and they took a x-ray of her chest. They told me she had RSV and slight pneumonia. Since she is only two months old RSV can be pretty serious, so they admitted her. They monitored her and gave her antibiotics, and Will and a good friend gave her a blessing. We were a little worried they might keep her for Christmas, but luckily, we were able to come home on Christmas Eve morning. She is still not totally better, but she's come a long way since I took her in. She was so pitiful in the hospital just laying there. It is hard to have such a little baby sick.

Poor girl

Christmas was great and Santa found our house. We got a new computer, which we needed badly (Thank you Santa!...and Will for waiting outside best buy all night on Black Friday) The kids made out with bikes, Lego's, candy, underwear(of course), and all sorts of other things.

Making Christmas cookies.
Sorry they're in their much easier to clean up. (plus Austin ran around in his underwear all week anyways.)
Hunter and his trademark poses

Santa left a note for the kids. Will writes one every year. They kids love reading it after they open their presents.
A few random pictures
Austin likes to get REAL close to Maci

"I just can't quite get my hair to stay down!"
Maci smile
"Can't these boys just leave me alone!"


The Schooley's said...

Yay for potty training!! Booo for Maci being sick. I am sooo glad she is ok. What a scare for you guys. I love that she is screaming in the picture & the boys look so proud of themselves!! You have the cutest kids ever!!

Jenni said...

Stewart leaves a Santa note too every year. Cassidy loves reading it to everyone about 100 times Christmas Day.

Lisa said...

Congrats on the potty training! I'm terrified for that day. I'm sorry little Maci was sick, but I'm glad she's better. RSV is scary. And, p.s., you have SUCH cute kids :)

Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

i love the potty picture! poor little maci looks so sad in her hospital picture. i am glad she was able to get home before christmas so that you could spend it as a family. oh and i love your silly little boy hunter. he always makes me laugh. your kids are great!