May 20, 2009


Austin is definitely almost two. I thought I would share something he did the other day. Every time I go to unbuckle him out of his car seat I have to grab him right away or else he goes to either the front or the back of the van, where I can't reach him. The second I open the front door to get him, he runs to the back. This goes on until I just crawl in and grab him. Anyways, the other day he got out of his car seat before I grabbed him and went to the front where he found the gum. He started opening it, staring at me the whole time. I said, "Austin, no gum. Do not open that!" He continued to stare at me with his blank stare. (the stare that says, maybe I won't get in trouble if I just stare at her) I told him again no gum, but he continued to slowly unwrap it. I said, "If you put that in your mouth you will go to time out when we get inside." Then he slowly (still staring at me) stuck the gum in his mouth, and got out of the van. When we got inside he went right to the stairs (time-out) I guess he was thinking the whole time, "Does this lady think I'm dumb? Time out? That is so worth it!"

Austin loves gum. I guess I shouldn't have bribed him with it to stay quite at the doctors office that once. Oops. He really is so happy with gum in his mouth though, which is fine with me, until I find it on our carpet. Knock on wood.
By the way, yes that is a hole in his pajamas. He LOVES those pajamas because they have trucks on them. I can't get myself to get rid of them. He wants to wear them everynight...and I let him. Haha just kidding. But it makes the hole thing sound a little better, right?


Nay said...

I didn't even notice the hole! I call that stare the "you-can't-see-me" look. My two year old uses it often. Whats a Mom to do!!

The Bergquist Fam said...

very reminds me of my little 2 year old too. and i always say the same, it's like the dad in nemo..."nemo get back here now, if you put one fin on that boat mister"...yea that is also timmy's fav movie right now, so i can totally quote it. sad i know.

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh!!!! He looks like Hunter in the top picture, only a little chubbier! Gotta love 2 year olds!

Jeremy and Sherri said...

sounds so familier - and I can't see any hole either