May 12, 2009

16 weeks

Wow, I can't believe I'm already 16 weeks along! Only 4 more weeks, and I'll be half way.

Here is what is going on with the baby: (from

Over the past three weeks your astounding growing baby has managed to stretch yet another 2 full inches (totaling about 4.5 inches) and weighs around 3.5 ounces. Yessireee, that’s some pretty serious growth... and with it comes several physical developments! For starters, their head to body ratio is finally starting to even out a bit as the rest of the body is actually growing faster than the head at this point. Yes, your little light bulb is not so top-heavy. Their adorable little limbs have lengthened, almost reaching their normal proportions which they will have at birth. Their eyes are still closed but moving and if you had an ultrasound, which many doctors recommend you have at about this time, you may even see your little one sucking on a thumb.

Here is what is going on with me:

- I'm at that, "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!" stage. I'm showing sooner than I did with my other two...i guess my uterus knows what to do, and it's doing it. Some of my clothes are getting too tight to wear

- I'm on and off with morning (all day) sickness. For the most part, I feel pretty good. I did figure out that eating anything with sugar in it makes me sick. Which makes me scared to take my glucose screening test. I hope it doesn't come back that I have gestational diabetes. If you know me, you know I eat junk food a lot... it's been a change. It's a little easier not to eat it, when I know I will get sick if I do.

- I can feel the baby move. Not all the time, but every once in a while.

- I had horrible sciatic nerve pain at the end of Austin's pregnancy. I'm already starting to feel it with this one....that should be fun by the time I'm 8, 9 months pregnant!

- It's been in the 90's for a week or two now and I'm already sick of it...again, that should be fun by the time I'm 8, 9 months pregnant!

- Some nights I can't sleep worried about if I'll get to the hospital in time. I should really stop reading those stories about women giving birth on the side of the road ;)

- I suffer from pregnancy brain . Ha! On WebMD it stats : "There may also be an evolutionary aspect to pregnancy brain, Moore says. "It has been postulated that from an evolutionary standpoint this memory impairment may be helpful so that women will forget about other stuff and focus on caring for the child."" I highly doubt that since I mixed my appointment time up with the boys dentist appointments, therefore missing my appointment. I also forget to take my prenatal vitamin a lot of the time....I don't think that is helping me focus on caring for my child!

My ultrasound is scheduled for June 2nd. We are really excited to find out if we are having a girl or another little boy. I am confused about what I really want. I know boys. I know what to expect. A girl would be different, but I really want to experience that. Also, I made this super cute blanket for a friend who's having a girl. It was so much fun to see some pink around the house. I'm procrastinating mailing it, just so I can see some pink......okay....I seriously need a girl.


Nicole Howard said...

Cute belly Abbey! You are so cute pregnant! You should come over and I will do the pencil trick on ya and tell you what you are having. Who needs doctors? ;) Haha.

Jeremy and Sherri said...

YOu look great!! I would never think that you are half way there!! I wish I looked as good not being pregnant as you do being pregnant!

The Schooley's said...

There is no way you are 16 weeks pregnant looking at that picture of you. You look great. Your blanket is gorgeous!! You do need a girl!!

Nay said...

You look great! I had the nerve pain as well and went to base Physical Therapist and got a maternity belt...HELPED TONS!!! I went from hardly walking to running a mile...okay not that dramatic but it was a huge difference.

Jen and Allen said...

Your looking good and Ime excited fo you. I hope its a girl the boys would be really good big brothers to a little girl. You will have to let us know how the Appt goes.

Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

Abbey if you look prego in that picture, then i must be about to pop. you are so cute with your LITTLE prego belly. I can't wait to find out what you are having, even though I already know that it is going to be a girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh Abbey,
I have to tell you a quick story. I tried to croque Willie a blanket before he was born and all I could do was a 10 ft. one length string. Bill asked me if I thought that would cover Willie. Funny, ha, ha. Your blanket is beautiful! I am ready for PINK too! You don't look very pregnant to me. you look amazing. I love you!

Lisa said...

You look way too cute to be pregnant with your THIRD! No fair :)

The Bergquist Fam said...

i'm amazed that you are 16 weeks, you don't look it all. lucky you. so i love the pink blanket you made, very cute!

Courtney said...

Haha! You are so funny Abbey! If you are ever feeling overly fat just go to my blog and check out those is sure to make you feel better! I can't wait to find out what you are having! The heat does suck but just look at it this way at least you won't be an elephant in July!! FYI-that will be me!! Hooray!

Nikki said...

Oh Abbey you should see MY belly! lol I hope you have a girl too. But I totally know what you mean about knowing what to expect with boys.

Your blanket is so cute! Good job!