Sep 2, 2011

Let's just say...

let's just say I was bored one Friday evening and decided to go for a little drive.
And lets say I drove to a dock I've been wanting to take pictures of.
I park on the awkward dirt road,
get all three kids out,
and walk down the dirt path.
And come to find out, further down, that path is overgrown with weeds.
So let's say we all turn around...darn.

And say we...
Walk back to the van
unlock van
open the door
buckle Maci up
...make sure it's nice and secure (of the good Mom that I am)
And now let's say...
just for fun...
that I decide to put my cell phone and keys on the floor while I buckle Maci.

Yes, that's a very good idea.

Close the door.
Tell the boys to get in and buckle up.
Oh, crap. The boys still need to get in.
open the door.
open the door..........

Look in to see my keys AND cell phone sitting on the floor.

Then let's pretend I start to panic.
Wave a stranger down.
Use their phone to call 911.
Wait 15 minutes for their arrival.
Panic a little more.
Wait another HOUR AND A HALF! for two police men to jimmy the lock.

Not that I know anything about this story.
Let's hope that never happens to me!

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Melanie said...

I set this as my background at work. I love seeing her every morning!!