Aug 21, 2010

Minus two kids...part 3

It's over...the boys are home.
What? already? I didn't even finish blogging our trip to Washington!
As much as I enjoyed a little peace and quite (ok...maybe a little too much actually!) I'm happy the boys are home.
I missed them SO much.
Austin is so funny because when I would Skype or talk on the phone with him while he was gone he kept saying he missed his bed. One day on Skype, I found a picture on our computer of his bed and showed it to him...he was so glad to see it :) When he got home he ran up to see his bed. He came down stairs and said in an angry voice, "MOM! You got me a new bed!?" No new bed, just looked different to him. I remember when I was young and we'd get back from a vacation our fridge always looked new...
Hunter starts school on Monday and he is looking forward to am I ;)

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