Aug 28, 2010

Daddy's Helpers

Will washes the cars most Saturdays...
Daddy has some GOOD helpers!

Austin showing me the bubbles on his hand

It was such a nice morning this morning!
Summers here are so hot and humid that you don't find me outside much.
...unless I have to be.
I think the kids were wondering what got into me since we all spent the whole morning outside.

Both the boys adore Maci
...can't say the boys adore each other
...but that's another post.
Hunter is such a good brother.
He could spend all day playing with Maci, and still want more.

Do you see how he "lovingly" buckled her in with the leash from his Build-a-Bear?

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patrioticrunner said...

Haha how adorable! Big brothers are the BEST!!!