Jun 2, 2010

Austin's birthday

Austin's third birthday was on May 27th. I swear he seemed bigger when he got up that day.

Hunter helped me wrap the presents and make the cake. Austin LOVED that the day was all about HIM!

Austin had a great birthday. It was so great that we stayed at Incredible Pizza too long and had to have cake and ice cream the next day... :/

Finally our neighborhood pool opened! We spend a lot of time at our pool in the summer so we are always excited when it opens.

Hunter loves jumping in

So does Austin

Maci likes the pool too, but mostly just hangs out in the shade.


Lisa said...

That's your neighborhood pool? I've never seen one that was so cool! I'm glad that Austin had a good birthday, and that you now get to use the pool :)

patrioticrunner said...

That is the coolest cake ever! I must have one!