Mar 11, 2010


Hunter has to read 20 minutes a night for school. Every night I have to make sure his "read and respond" paper is filled out with the title of the book and then I have to initial it. If it isn't filled out Hunter will get a folder mark. Hunter has got a folder mark before because I have forgot to fill out the form. He was devastated when this happened. Sweet thing just does NOT like getting in trouble for ANYTHING.
Last night when I went to fill this paper out I noticed that my signature looked a little funny for the day before. So I looked closer. Then I just laughed. Poor kid just didn't want to get in trouble so he filled out the"read and respond" form himself, including my signature. Funny thing is, the teacher bought it apparently because she signed off on it. It actually looked pretty good. I don't know if I should be proud...or worried. :)

Maci started baby cereal.

She's so cute, I just can't stand it.

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Nikki said...

So funny about Hunter! I wonder if my oldest would do a similar thing. lol

Maci is such a doll. Makes me want a baby girl. How do you like the Bumbo thing? Is that what it's called? I've seen those and wondered about them.