Jul 16, 2009


Wow! This summer is going by so quickly, I can't believe it's already the middle of July. I've been busy with our busy toddler. Trying to keep up with him is insane! Hunter has been enjoying the pool and reading. He is becoming a good little swimmer and reader. He's also getting good at Lego Starwars and eating a lot of snacks...but we won't get into that. ;) Here is a look back at the last couple of weeks.
We went to Sea World for fireworks on the 4th. It was HOT and CROWDED. It took us 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot. The fireworks were excellent, but remind me never to do that again! Austin was hilarious. The fireworks scared him to death, yet he couldn't stop watching.

Last weekend we went to a Fun Fest at a ranch north of town. It was a really cute place and Hunter, Kailey, and Alyssa (some of Hunters friends) even got to see "Hannah Montana" perform. Hunter has no idea who Hannah Montana even is, so he thought it was alright, but Kailey and Alyssa were stoked they got to meet the REAL Hannah Montana :)

Austin loves animals but wouldn't go near them.

Trying on Dads Motorcycle gear
We found Austin sleeping in his bottom drawer one night. He does the funniest things!
Can you say we need new dress up clothes? haha

I keep finding new artwork around the house. Have no idea where it's coming from!


Jen and Allen said...

My sister would sleep in wierd places too. More than once it was a dresser drawer. Looks like you guys are staying busy and haveing fun. I made cookies the other day and thought of Hunter. Miss you guys

Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

I love the picture of Austin in his dresser. That is a classic. How can you not love that kid? Oh and I love the art as well!

Melanie said...

I can't believe the boys are so big! I miss you guys terribly! I used to sleep in a dresser drawer too, but only because the crib was in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all are having a good time. The Fun Fest looked like it was right down the boys alley. Isn't it great having Willie not in school for awhile. You still look amazing wonderful! I can't imagine how crazy sea world on the 4th was. I miss you guys and alreday counting down to come see you all.
Love ya so much!
NaNa B

The Schooley's said...

Love that Austin fell asleep in the bottom drawer. That is awesome. Looks like a fun summer.