Feb 23, 2009

Hunter turned 6 today!

Six years ago today Hunter was born. Hunter has been so excited about his birthday and has been talking about it for weeks. It finally came, and he had lots of fun. We started the day off by going to IHOP. (For some reason Hunter loves this place..."IHOP and go" he told me.) Will took cupcakes to his class and after school he opened his presents and then had a few friends over for more cake and ice cream. He has had a really good day and his teacher, friends, and family have all made it such a special day for him.

Some of Hunter's favorite things at 6-

- Lego's
- Nintendo DS
- reading
- school
- his friends
- helping mom cook
- riding his bike

Hunter is the sweetest boy I know. He is always thinking of others. He daily says things like, "ladies first" and "Mom, you're beautiful!" He loves his brother and tries so hard to teach him things. He is such a good example to Austin. Hunter tries his best at everything he does and he makes us so proud. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

A glimpse at Hunter's past six years








The Schooley's said...

Happy B-day Hunter!! I loved the pictures. He is so cute. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Your cake was awesome!!

Melanie said...

Really 6??? He is starting to make me feel old!!! The cake is adorable. When I have kids, can I hire you to make the cakes? I'm glad Hunter had fun today!

The Bergquist Fam said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!!! It was so cute to see his progression of pictures, he's a cute kid!

I love the dino cake Abbey you did a great job!

Nicole Howard said...

Happy (belated) birthday Hunter!! He is a cutie! It is so funny that their faces stay the same but they just get bigger.

Jeremy and Sherri said...

What cute pics - Happy Birthday hunter!!!

Brooke said...

Is it just me....or is he starting to look like a blonde Conor?

Anonymous said...

Great Job on the cake Abbey! Hunter is so lucky to have you as a mom. I look at those pictures of our Hunter man and it makes my cry. Oh, how quickly they grow up. I love you Hunter and I am so proud of you an the example you are to your brother. I can't wait to squeeze you!
Love, NaNa Benson