Oct 28, 2008

My big fat military ID

So this all started about a year and a half ago when I lost my military ID . Without my ID I can't get on base, use the commissary, BX, or pretty much do anything. So naturally I went and got a new ID.
Later I realized that picture was taken only 5 days before I had Austin. I was swollen, chunky, and, well let's just say it isn't the best picture ever. Several times my friends and I have laughed by just looking at it. This all leads up to what happened today.
Since Hunter started school, I have been dropping him off and heading to the gym. At the front desk you have to show them your military ID and sign in. Today the guy checked my ID, then said, "I have to say, you look great compaired to your ID. You should be proud of youself."
HA! All I could say was thanks, then continue on my way. (Is it bad I took the credit? really I didn't do ANYTHING to lose pregnancy weight) While I was working out I literally could not stop laughing.
I think I'm going to "lose" my ID again.


Nicole Howard said...

Abbey..I am rolling on the floor laughing. That is pretty stinking hilarious!!
You really should post the pic;)
Oh and sorry I wasn't there. Jonah had a dentist appt!! I will be there tomorrow though.

Lisa said...

Oh, COME ON!!!!!!!!!! I've got to see that picture. Got. to.

Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

that is so funny. but i really think you need to post the picture. everyone needs to see how hard you have worked ; ). so funny. i wish i was there. see you in the morning bright and early.

Jeremy and Sherri said...

That is just too great!!! I'd take the credit for it. Mine is the reverse they look at me and say is this really you. - NO seriously my Driver's licence is about eight years old and a guy double checked it the other day - I told him yeah that was taken before I had kids. Men!!!