Oct 10, 2008


Sittin back watchin a little Baby Einstein...I can see the Einstein emerging already. He's gonna be a genius, I just know it.


Nicole Howard said...

He is so cute and so good to sit there and watch. Ty and Landon do not seem to have a very long attention span.

Abbey said...

This was a second in time...literally. I know it looks like he was really watching it. haha

Anonymous said...

Austin looks so serious, are you sure he is enjoying the program? Wow, can you imagine how much work you could get done with that program on!
I can't believe how much he has changed already. He is so cute and the toddler in him is already showing. He is growing up tooo fast.
Give the boys a BIG kiss and hug from me, please!
NaNa Benson

The Schooley's said...

I can feel the Einstein in him all the way in Minot!! He is so cute!