Aug 16, 2008

Mornings with Austin

Austin is a very simple kid, he is easy to please (most the time) and I know exactly what he likes. He loves being outside, jabbering, eating, reading, and he loves animals. Everything else could pretty much not exist and he would be happy. Every morning he brings me all the books he can find and we sit on the couch and read. Here is a little video for you to enjoy. Hope you enjoy my little guy as much as I do!


The Schooley's said...

What a cutie!!

Howard/Lamont Family said...

He definately is a cutie. I wish the little boys like books too. All they like to do is throw them at others;) (notice I didn't call them "the babies")

Carolyn said...

I love his animal sounds they are so cute. My fav is the dog it sounds just like one.

NaNa Benson said...

Wow, that is so amazing and cute to see Austin picking up the sounds and words. He is so smart. All I want to know is what is the next animal you are going to get him for home? With his love for animals a dog would be wonderful for him and Hunter.
Austin is so much fun and I really had fun with him here. I miss them both.
Love, NaNa Benson