May 27, 2008

New Pool

Last weekend our neighborhood pool opened. Hunter has been waiting anxiously for this day since we moved in last year. We went to the grand opening mainly for Hunter and Austin, but have to admit Will and I had tons of fun too. I tried to warn Will to put sunblock on before we left, but he never listens to me. Hehe. Now he has been putting aloe on several times a day!

Austin loved the pool after the initial shock of the cold water wore off

That would be a bad picture of myself with Austin under the mushroom

Hunter kept squirting me with his squirt gun...gotta love squirt guns! Uhg!

They had all sorts of food, drinks, and snacks...including blue cupcakes.

They brought down the local fire truck. Hunter loved seeing what was inside and trying everything onin site.


Howard/Lamont Family said...

looks like fun....I love the picture of you and Austin in the water. Very artistic!

Melanie said...

You probably need to go to the pool a lot. You are pretty white. Plus Austin and Hunter would love it!