Apr 2, 2008

I hate painting

This morning as I paced myself for a day of painting, I thought to myself, "wow, I really hate painting!"
At least tomorrow when I peel the tape off the floor boards, it will take the dust with it!

I guess painting isn't THAT bad.


Chris and Sarah Seymour said...

i hate painting too. you should try painting with nicole though, it goes so fast. i guess i should say i hate painting with chris because he takes forever. it is his "attention to detail" problem!!

Haddorkus said...

I don't like painting either.

Your blog looks so pretty now. I love it.

Four Jedi said...

Hey Abbey!! I love reading your blog. Especially your Hunter quotes. They make my day!! We miss you guys. I will have to agree with painting. I hate it too!!

Alli Schooley (Minot- just incase you forgot!!)