Jan 23, 2008

Too many boys

Okay, I have too many boys in the house! I'm so sick of cleaning up puddles of pee around the toilet!


Jen and Allen said...

Well my mom got to that point and insisted that “If you cant aim and hit the target... you will just have to sit like a girl... and if that doesn’t work then YOU get to do the clean up under my supervision until you CAN hit the whole!” Yeah I remember the boys having to sit down for a few weeks cause mom had had it. And oh the awful humiliation having to sit down like a girl! That seemed to solve things. Hope that it gets better for ya soon.

Howard/Lamont Family said...

I hear you darling!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I was just wondering when you were going to get Willie potty trained! (ha,ha)
Mom (Shelley)