Dec 30, 2007


I'm finally getting around to posting some Christmas pictures. We had a great Christmas, and we hope you all did too! Thanks to everyone for wonderful warm wishes, cards, and gifts. We are so blessed. Hunter and Austin on Christmas Eve in their new pajamas
Hunter(in a santa blanket) and Austin on Christmas morning looking at the tree
Santa ate the cookies!!


Anonymous said...

The boys look so cute in their pj's. Austin is growing up so fast and how amazing that they don't look like brothers. It looks like Santa agreed they were nice this year. Have a Happy New Year!!!!
Love, NaNa Shelley

Jen and Allen said...

I miss you guys so much It looks like you had a good Christmas though. I love the blanket pic. Hug Hunter for me. Jen

Howard/Lamont Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!