Nov 1, 2007


Hunter had so much fun trick-or-treating this year. Previous years we had to wear 7 layers of clothing and drive from house to house because if was so cold. (thanks Minot!) This year we didn't even have to wear a jacket. Hunter was actually sweating! (thanks in part to his costume)

Hunter couldn't get to the next house fast enough. He probably would have stayed out all night if we would have let him. We practiced saying "trick-or-treat" before Halloween, so he would remember to say it on Halloween. At every house he said, "trick-or-treat, thank you, have a nice day!"
He got plenty of candy...and yes, Will and I have already "inspected" it. Hope you all had a happy Halloween too!


Haddorkus said...

So cute, the little Buzz. Did he like Trick or Treating? For some reason this year our little Bug pooped out after about ten hoouses. I continued on with Innie and DD while Dan went home with Bug to hand out candy, he had fun doing that.

Nikki said...

We have two little superheros here too. Pookie was Dash from The Incredibles and Bun was Superman. Though Bun was upset that his cape was defective. He couldn't get it to actually make him fly.

Anonymous said...

What about Austin!!! Not fair you left him out. I'm glad Hunter had so much fun at Halloween. Now he can wear his costume for fun, I bet he is excited about that. I hope the family is getting better.